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RoRo Ride to Alibaug and its Real Estate Impact

The coastal town of Alibaug just got a lot more accessible from Mumbai. You can now travel to Alibaug via the newly launched M2M Ro-Ro (roll-on/ roll-off) ferry car service. It cuts down the 111 kms, 3.5 hour car journey to just a 19 kms, 60 mins long ferry ride with the added bonus of a much better view. In this post we answer the most common questions you might have about the ferry and take a look at how it might affect property prices there.

Are the rules for the ferry different during Covid19?

The ferry is only operating once a day (to and fro from Mumbai) till August 30th as opposed to the 7-8 times it had originally planned. From August 30th onwards new timings have been released. They are also operating at a limited capacity to help maintain distancing. It has a normal capacity of 500 passengers and 150 cars but is currently accommodating 300 passengers and 60 cars at a time.

Where does the ferry leave from?

Bhaucha Dhakka, or the Princess Dock is where the ferry will leave from on the Mumbai side and will dock at Mandwa on the Alibaug side.

How much does it cost to travel on it?

You can travel on the ferry individually (without a vehicle) or with a car or two wheeler. The cost for the same are as follows: 

Passengers - Starting at Rs. 300

2 Wheelers - Rs. 200

Cars - Starting at Rs. 800 depending on the size of the vehicle. Additional details have been attached on the image below. Booking can be made online directly on the M2M ferry website.

So how will this affect property prices in Alibaug?

Infrastructure changes usually have a significant impact on property prices. Alibaug has typically been one of the premium second home locations preferred by the elite. They usually skip the long drive and opt for a quick 15 minute speedboat ride to get there. The RoRo ferry provides a great option for people to now get there faster - with their cars. We are seeing a lot of small communities of row houses/ bungalows come up that are, now, a lot more  accessible. With restaurants like  Boardwalk by Flamboyante and hotels like Radisson having opened in recent years, Alibaug seems poised to see a surge in real estate demand. However, clients must be careful while buying land and pay attention to the different zoning rules, especially along the coast line. 

To know more about on going projects in ALibaug and other second home pockets like Lonavala, Karjat, Madh Island etc and land prices there feel free to reach out to our Second homes property expert on +91 9152038480 or WhatsApp directly by clicking here.

Image from M2M RoRo twitter

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