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Tips for safe house hunting during Covid19

House hunting in the middle of a pandemic is a tedious process. We understand that many of you may have a lot of apprehensions as you try to navigate through this journey. We have compiled a list of safety measures you could consider while visiting properties regardless of if you are looking for a property with our consulting team or by yourself:

  1. Use technology to shortlist. Ask to see pictures in advance and try to arrange for a video walk through or video call to see the place remotely. Make sure you only visit the ones you really like.

  2. Make sure as few people as possible are in the house when you visit. If you are visiting with a property consultant or multiple consultants, request them to wait outside while you walk through the house. The goal is to have as few people in a closed house as possible.

  3. Make sure windows are always open and air conditioning is switched OFF. Open ventilation is a lot safer to be in.

  4. Get paperwork done online wherever possible. Registrations for lease agreements etc can be done online now.

  5. Check who all have visited the property over the past few days. If a lot of people have been visiting the same place, you might want to avoid it or at least keep a 24 hour gap. Make sure with your property consultant that no one has visited the property on the same day. If someone has visited, ask about the sanitization protocol.

  6. Make sure the society is informed before you visit. Everyone today is nervous about people entering their buildings so it is important to not show up unannounced. Please make sure that you or your consultant take the necessary steps to inform the society of your visit.

  7. Take basic safety precautions like wearing a mask and carrying sanitizer at all times. Also make sure to maintain at least 6 feet distance from people other than your family.

If you are looking for a property in a new project, most builders are taking basic precautions and allowing visits by appointments only. To know more about safety measures taken by sites feel free to reach out to us.

At qube, we make sure to take as many safety measures as possible to make sure your visit is safe. To know more whatsapp us directly by clicking here.

Buying a house is a landmark occasion in a persons life, and we understand that house hunting these days is a tedious process. But we request you to keep all safety protocols in mind while you find your perfect home.

Think real estate. Think qube. call: +919152038480

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