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Second Home Investment Opportunity: Land Investment Scheme

The importance of a second home has become clear during this pandemic. The one thing we all crave the most while living in a city is space. While traditional second home pockets are much talked about these days, a new project launched recently called Codename B.L.I.S.S from the House of Abhinandan Lodha located in Dapoli is catching everyone’s attention.

What is different about Codename B.L.I.S.S?

At Codename B.L.I.S.S, you can buy plots of land ranging from 2,500 sq ft plots to 50,000 sq ft plots (you can also choose to buy multiple plots). You can then use that plot as a blank canvas and build a house, villa, mansion as you see fit for your lifestyle. The developer, on their part, provides you with the infrastructure that you would need to make your lifestyle in and around the house comfortable.

What kind of infrastructure can I expect?

The wide range of infrastructure and amenities at the project include: a community center with coworking spaces, a wellness center, multisports spaces and a lot of gardens and greenery amongst other things. They have also put in place a new-age security system and provided provisions for essential services like groceries and medicines to ensure convenience.

Where is it located?

Dapoli is located in the Konkan Region at the intersection of the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. It’s location provides the land with a backdrop of mountains as well as the sea. With a lot of upcoming infrastructure the accessibility to this area is poised to get better. The upcoming waterway from Belapur to Harnai port will provide access via a speedboat while the upcoming Panvel Airport will also cut travel time. The Mumbai-Goa coastal road (expected to be completed by 2022) will also make it more accessible.

What does it cost?

The plots start at 2,500 sq ft with an all inclusive cost of just over Rs. 12.5 lacs with a booking amount of Rs. 99,000 only. You can buy multiples of the same plot. We are currently negotiating to group buy multiple of these plots for our investors at a discounted price. If you or anyone you know would be interested in the same please reach out to us by calling us on +919152038480 or whatsapp us by clicking here.

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